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Live Music from the original Vegas

East Side Live Winchester, VA

Sweet-Lou's Guitars Past  & Presen


Click here to listen to Vegas perform songs by BS&T, Chicago, and other great bands

Last Rites   Park Ave. Live music online!

Live recordings from the Golden Spike Rochester, NY

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Glass Onion  Abbey Road Recordings Virginia

 The Wise Guys Fredericksburg VA  




Rest in Peace: Kevin Knapp, Joseph Pelliccia, Andre Gliwski, Denny Marra, George Newton

Ross "Hodgie" Incardone, Mack Kendrick, Bob Altobelli, Craig Huffman (VA), Rob Sukol (VA),

Tim Wigley (VA), Rob Funk (VA), Jarle Brors(VA), Billy Rupprect (VA), Wayne Eubank (VA),

                       Phil Hasselvander (VA)

Heaven has one hell of a band!!!!

I am proud to say that I have performed alongside of each of these fantastic musicians


Listen to the Cover Story Practice Tape - Enjoy

Cover Story was:

Lou Ricigliano - Lead Guitar Vocals, Kevin Knapp- Keys Guitar Vocals, Joe Polizzi-Vocals, Joe Pelliccia-Bass Vocals, Mike Giugno-Drums Vocals



Nick Russo, Rich Fiordeliso, Brenda Weber. and Lou Ricigliano make up the new and exciting "Three Hits and a Miss"



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>>Lou also has been performing on the Bass Guitar and  singing<<


Listen -->Glass Onion Band at Wally Cleaver's Studio


"I would like to say that it is always  a fantastic pleasure to perform with my friends"  


 Vegas rockin' at the Spur of The Moment





Tuts Villa Set 1 and 2 - Imagine sitting at a table with a drink having a great time, listening to Vegas, Rochester's top band in 1979


"R*Gang" was Luigi, Karl, Lenny, Paul and Steve"  ***   "Fever" was Johnny D, Randy, Danny. Luigi and Neil"


Welcome to my Web site!

This site is devoted to all the bands I've played with, including Rochester's top group of the 80's...Vegas (1979-1982) 1983-1985 and the  popular and impressive R*Gang, and all my friends and family. To my Mom and Dad,  who gave me the ultimate encouragement, never pushed me to practice, was always proud of me, and always came to hear me play. No one could ever ask for  better parents. I remember them bringing me to clubs in the Rochester area where they knew band members and having me sit in. It was quite an experience at thirteen. I used to play Honky Tonk and Guitar Boogie Shuffle. Remember.. it was the Early sixties then. 



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          My Mom and Dad -  My greatest fans. May they rest in Peace

     Youngest Daughter's Family                                      My Grandson

      My first born Daughter                   My Late Son    


           Glass Onion Band performs at Abbey Road on The River 

              Glass Onion Band Studio Session    

              Glass Onion Band at Wally Cleaver's

              Check ME out at 13 years old with my Fender Jazzmaster

              Pics of the "Last Rites"...my high school years

              The Early Years; my 1960's and 1970's & People in my life

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              Read my musical chronology

              Listen to some of  my older leads


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6th Annual Pumpkin Fest with FEVER 
7th Annual Pumpkin Fest with FEVER
7th Annual Pumpkin Fest with R*GANG
Studio Recordings  and Live music from R*Gang
1979 Tuts Villa Set 3 and 3 Dog Night Show
Park Avenue Live at Timothy's Tavern
Fever 's live recordings from the Golden Spike
Live music from The first "Vegas" 1979-1981
Check out the new R*Gang Pics
Vegas's 50's show!
Closer To Home
Park Ave. " You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin' "
Park Ave. "Vanilla Fudge" version of Sounds of Silence

Some of the music was recorded live by my Dad, Dom Ricigliano