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The Concert at Dudley DoRight's

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The Dressing Room

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                                                                      Lex Byers

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                                                       One Stage         Sweet Lou
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Rich Fiordeliso...aka  "The HappyMonster"

  "f... this shit, We're going full time ...!!!"      Mr. Nick Russo

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If I fell in love with you... would you promise to be true
If I fell- The Beatles

When Lex and Chris would get together to sing this Beautiful love song, they would go out into the audience and find a lovely young lady (always accompanied by a date), get on one knee and sing to her, along with handing her a rose. Interestingly enough, one night Lex's wife Jan was in the audience.... you would think he would sing to her, but alas, no... he went out and sang to someone else's young Lady