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These pictures were taken around the years 1965 to 1968. The band consisted of myself on guitar and backup vocals, Karl Laporta on keyboards and vocals, Gary Laporta on vocals and toys, Bob Altobelli on bass, and Carlos Falcon on drums. Special thanks and fond memories goes out to Hank and Joe Laporta for managing the band, my Dad, Dom Ricigliano, for servicing the band van, and the other parents who put up with the noise and arguments in their basements. No special thanks to Hank and Joe Laporta for keeping me out of the beer kegs at the University of Rochester gigs. We were the top requested band for the beer blasts at the U of R , and The Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) and, I at the time, was the only one who finally turned 18, then old enough to drink and have sex. In fact, one night, Bob Altobelli was kidnapped by some frat brothers at a different U of R Frat house and they would not let him go until our managers promised that we would play at their Frat house. Honorable mention also goes out to our Roadies, Steve Czubara and Pat Metroniano. Whenever we needed Pat during a gig, we always knew where he could be found ... in the back of the band van with a chic he just picked up! But they were always there when we needed them


Ladies and Gentlemen, on this day November 21, 2017 The Last Rites held a 50 year reunion at Rocky's Where we broke bread and reminisced about the old times, the fun, the music , the laughs and the fact that music brought us all together in the high school days of the late 60's. It was sad to learn that our friend and bass player Bob Altobelli had passed in 2012. He was missed.  We have added some pictures and mementos from those days. Please enjoy them.

The band; Karl, Lou, Carlos, and Gary

The boys;  Carlos, Pat, Steve, Karl, and Lou

Last Rites Roadies Pat Matroniano and Steve Czubara


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Steve Czubara

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Battle of The Bands Roseland Park, Canadaigua, NY


Outside Pool Party

Picnic Hullabalo Club with the priest outfits  

The Battle of the Bands at Roseland was a very disappointing event. We made the Finals, after writing our own version of a song that each group had to write and perform . We were the only group to perform "You Keep Me Hanging On" by Vanilla Fudge. We were second place to a group who had the clothes, but not the sound we had. The Hullabalo Club was I believe our first venture into the Teen Club Scene. Named after the show "Hullabalo" the club was the top club in East Rochester. In our debut we wore the Last Rites costumes which disappeared from the scene very fast.

  Various Teen Club Shots     The Patriot Hornell, NY Battle of The Bands with my 1966 Gretsch Country Gentleman

In the battle of the bands at the U of R, we tied for first place with the 5TH Dimension comprised  of George Cochinni on guitar (Now a studio musician in Nashville),  George Urbanski on vocals, Gerry Karpa on bass, and  Joey English, who went on to become one of Paul McCartney's drummers in Wings.

    Hedges 9 Mile Point - Webster, NY      

Hedges 9 Mile Point was a dinner restaurant located in Webster for Gary's Sweet 16  birthday party, NY. Here you see me playing my Fender Jaguar guitar, which I still wish I had.