Luigi's Chronology

The Gents:  My first band at age 13,

The Last Rites:

Fever: A 50's band

Vegas: 1978 to 1981  Show band

Park Avenue   playing current rock 

Lex Byers & Vegas   1982 - 1985  8 pc horn group

Cover Story  1986 - 1987  R.I.P Kevin Knapp and Joe Pelliccia

R*Gang: 1988 - 1993

=====> In 1993 I relocated to Virginia after being laid off by Digital Equipment Corp. Spent 20 plus years there

Wise Guys: 1994 -1995 classic rock band

Glass Onion: on and off  1995-2013 Beatle Band

CoverUp: 2006 through 2007 Rock Band - R.I.P Craig Huffman

East Side Live: 2014 - 2015

Performed on the fly in many bands that needed a guitarist for a gig

=====> Moving back in Rochester in 2014 after taking a break from performing for six months:

Southern Comfort: 2014 - 2015 country rock

Timeless:  2016 - 2017  50-s thru 90's  left due to the amateur keyboard player who didn't understand what an arrangement was and needed Anger Mgmt big time

Three's Hits and a Miss:  2018 present   60's thru 90's 

Happy Daze:   2018 - 2020   50-s thru 60's   left after being screwed over for the third time